Animal Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup in Switzerland:

Most animal hoarders have only love and the best intentions for their animals.

Most animal hoarders are isolated from the outside world and find comfort in having their pets surrounding them. Animals are non judgemental and will love their owners unconditionally.

The problem begins when the number of animals overwhelms the resident and the animals take control of the home. Litter boxes are usually found overflowing with waste and the smell of urine is usually overpowering.

Typically, animal hoarders know that they can't take care of the animals anymore but fear losing them so fail to properly deal with the situation. Animal hoarders will rarely have their pets spayed or nuetered which only makes the problem grow.

ATAX ist a professional house clearance company for animal Hoarding Cleanup and Clutter Cleanup in switzerland:

We are trained in hoarding and know the complications associated with it.

We will patiently work with the resident to assist them in properly correcting their code violations. We can also try to help place the animals into a no kill shelter or other place of refuge.

Please call us for more information or a free estimate on a cleanup of any home involving animal hoarding: 0848 00 48 48 or 044 810 32 20 and 044 666 11 00.

Hoarding Cleanup in switzerland:

"ATAX Facility und Hygiene" is leader in hoarding cleanup and pack rat cleanup and restoration.

In fact, ATAX is asked to provide training on hoarding for civic groups, code enforcement, volunteer organizations, TV, Radios and others.

Our cleaning crews are trained to deliver professional, courteous service to all our clients.

We are available 24 hours for the following services:

  • Free Estimates and Onsite Evaluation!
  • Hoarding Cleanup and Clutter Cleaning,
  • Complete Residential Hoarding Clean Up - Occupied or Vacant,
  • Recovery of Legal Documents, Sentimental Items, and Valuables,
  • Delivery of Storage Containers and Filing Boxes for Paperwork,
  • Tailored Cleaning Services for Your Individual Wants and Needs,
  • Delivery of Rolloff Trash Containers from 3 to 40 Yards (Muldenservice),
  • Biohazard Cleanup and Disposal Including Animal and Human Waste,
  • Rodent & Pigeon Infestation / Droppings Cleanup,
  • Household Hazardous Waste Removal - Cleaners, Paints, Pesticides, etc.
  • Recovery / Disposal of Medications, Syringes,
  • ...and Regulated Wastes Appliance Recycling,
  • Donation of Unwanted Items to a Charity of Your Choice,
  • From Complete Cleanouts to deep Cleaning, ATAX does it all...

ATAX is a complete hoarding cleanup company that can handle any job no matter how simple or complex.

Call us today for a free evaluation of your cleanup needs. One of our helpful staff can come to your site, or simply answer your questions right over the phone.

Put your worries behind you, help is here and we will get you through this.
We don't just provide hoarding cleanup, we provide a new beginning.

Hoarding cleanup should only be performed by people that are trained in dealing with hoarding and the often associated psychological disorders.

The cleanup of a hoarding house can often lead to anxiety, depression and rage even when the hoarder is willing to have their home cleaned.

The training our crews receive for hoarding cleanup addresses these issues and how to reduce the feelings a hoarder may feel.

Call the experts at ATAX today to learn more about hoarding and hoarding cleanup. We look forward to answering your questions.

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